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2020, t. 3, nr 2 (6), poz. 35
2020, Vol. 3, No. 2 (6), item. 35
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Adam Redzikschool

Lexicon of Polish Lawyers and Economists: (5): Aleksander Doliński (1866-1930)

Roman Longchamps de Bérier wrote about him: “apart from thorough commercial knowledge and great diligence, Professor Doliński had extraordinary virtues of character. Gentleness and forbearance, the ability to respect every sentence, the lack of any pettiness and vanity won him the love of his colleagues and youth and ensured the successful outcome of any work undertaken together with others. Thanks to these qualities, wide spheres of society related to the late Professor Doliński with full confidence, offering him numerous awards [...] ”.

During his lifetime, Aleksander Doliński gained recognition as an outstanding expert in the theory and practice of commercial law in Poland, who - like no other - could lead the work of codifying this branch of law. He was thus elected chairman of the Commercial Law Section of the Codification Commission of the Republic of Poland. He was also the main creator of Polish codifications in the area of ​​commercial law, including, above all, company law. The article presents the profile of Professor Doliński and his scientific and codification achievements. Many of them are still an unsurpassed model to this day.


Keywords: Alexander Doliński, history of Polish law, commercial law of the Second Polish Republic, civil law, interpretation of law, Codification Commission of the Republic of Poland, Jan Kazimierz University in Lwów.

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