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Dissemination of Papers

Publication process

The process of publishing a text in “The Voice of Law” consists of the following stages:

  1. Submission of the study by an Author.

  2. Preliminary evaluation of the study by the Editorial Board consisting in a general verification of the suitability of the paper in terms of its nature, type and topic (if the text does not correspond with the journal's profile in terms of nature, type and content – for example the submitted text is not an article, gloss, review of case law, polemic, review, report, practical text, or the Author's essay is not related to the legal subject, the Editorial Board informs the Author about its rejection and does not refer it to further stages of the publication process).

  3. Preliminary evaluation of the study by the editors consisting in the verification of the completeness of the submission and the compliance of the text with the editorial rules (in the event of deficiencies in this regard, the editors ask the author for an introduction of appropriate changes).

  4. Peer-review of the submitted text (with the information from the editors).

  5. Results of the review procedure (acceptance; revision, non-acceptance).

  6. Secondary review of the revised text.

  7. The final decision of the Editorial Board as regards an acceptance or rejection of the paper.

  8. Signing an agreement with the author (draft).

  9. Editorial proofreading of the accepted paper.

  10. Author’s corrections of the proofread paper within a specified period of not less than one day.

  11. Publication of the paper in print and electronic forms.

  12. Inclusion of the paper in indexing databases.


"The Voice of Law" is available free of charge. Articles appear in the text format available directly on the website as well as in PDF files following the terms of the Creative Commons license - CC BY-NC-ND (recognition of authorship, non-commercial use, no derivative works).








Articles published in "The Voice of Law" can be copied, distributed and presented but only in accordance with their original formats and for non-commercial purposes together with a clear reference to the author and the place of publication.