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General Information

Although “The Voice of Law. Allerhand Law Review” is a journal with a primarily legal profile, it does not avoid publications relating to other issues in the field of humanities and social sciences, in particular economics, sociology and history.

Just as law does not exist in isolation from life, "The Voice of Law" is also not limited to legal dogmatics. We are guided by the thought expressed in 1924 by the Editor of “The Voice of Law” to be an open journal of “living law” published “with the participation of the representatives of legal science and practice”.

In our journal we publish articles, case comments, case law summaries, polemics, reviews, reports, practical texts and columns. There are currently following permanent sections in the journal: "Opera" (scientific articles), "Sententiae" (case law studies), "Res gestae", and "Miscellanea" (short texts on various subjects). Moreover, additional sections appear in selected volumes of “The Voice of Law”, including "De lege emendanda" or "In memoriam".

We publish articles in Polish, and in English.

We accept papers of up to 20 pages, voices up to 5-10 pages, reviews up to 6 pages (assuming that the page is 1,800 characters long).

Submitted texts must be prepared in accordance with the editorial rules collected in the "Information for Authors / Rules for editing texts" tab.

Texts should be sent to: The signed study should be accompanied by contact details (phone number, e-mail) as well as summaries, keywords and information necessary to create a metadata. More information on the submission requirements can be found in the tab "Information for Authors / Text Submission".

Every received article is treated as an Author’s assent to grant the journal with a license for its publication in free access on the Internet and in a paper version. More information on the publication process can be found in the "Information for Authors / Dissemination of texts" tab.

Articles submitted to the Editors are peer-reviewed. The authors are informed about the result of the review process as soon as the Editor receives a response from the Reviewer. For more information on the standards and the whole review process, see the 'Information for Authors / Review' tab.

The Editors reserve the right to make any necessary changes in the texts accepted for publication.

Unsolicited studies are not returned to an Author.