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2020, t. 3, nr 2 (6), poz. 30
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Stanisław Gołąbschool

Judiciary under the charges

The reprinted article by Stanisław Gołąb, a somewhat underrated Krakow civil law lawyer and extraordinary jurist, seems to remain largely relevant nowadays. It was written in a turbulent time for the judiciary. The author is far from giving simple answers. He critically presents the existing views and indicates areas for reflection, emphasizing what in his opinion is of fundamental importance, and what guarantees are not found where some would like to see them. Stanisław Aleksander Gołąb (1878-1939) spent his entire scientific life with Krakow. However, he came from Rzeszów, and obtained his high school diploma in Lviv. He studied law at the Jagiellonian University, where in 1900 he obtained a doctoral degree. From 1901 to 1919 he worked at the General Counsel to the Republic of Poland, eventually on the position of an advisor. He obtained his habilitation (the right to lecture) in civil law in 1917. Two years later he became an associate professor, and in 1921 a full professor. As a member of the Codification Committee, he had a significant share in the work on the draft code of civil procedure, as well as the law of subsequent sections of civil law, copyright law and conflict of law regulatons. In addition to thorough legal knowledge and exceptional creative activity in this field, as evidenced by numerous publications in magazines, Stanisław Gołąb was also a poet, an expert in culture and art, and his popularizing speeches, readings and radio broadcasts were highly appreciated. In one of the next issues of "The Voice of Law" we intend to recall the works of Stanisław Gołąb from the border of law and literature. The original spelling was kept.


Keywords: Stanisław Gołąb – lawyer, The Second Republic of Poland, judiciary, justice, judicial reforms.

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