ISSN: 2657-800X
2019, t. 2, nr 1 (3), poz. 11
2019, Vol 2, No 1 (3), item. 11
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Paweł Janda, Karol Tatara, Paweł Kuglarzschool, Magdalena Pyzik-Waląg, Mateusz Kaliński

Position of the Insolvency Department of the Allerhand Institute regarding relevant aspects of the draft bill – Insolvency Law Act and a few other Acts (print no. 3480)

The Insolvency Department of the Allerhand Institute was involved as an expert institution in the work of the Polish Parliament relating to the amendment of insolvency law that will enter into force in March 2020. The Allerhand Institute criticized the implementation of Art. 23(1) of the Labour Code (protection of employees in case of a transfer of a company) to a pre-pack procedure. The Institute expects a strong limitation of the pre-pack after the amendment’s entry into force.

Keywords: Insolvency Department of the Allerhand Institute, art. 23(1) of the Labour Code, pre-pack procedure, insolvency law

This article is published in Polish