ISSN: 2657-800X
2019, t. 2, nr 1 (3), poz. 7
2019, Vol 2, No 1 (3), item. 7
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Monika Strus-Wołosschool

Review of case law of the Supreme Court – Civil Chamber (1)

This review of case law of the Supreme Court consists of a few decisions selected on the basis of their practical relevance. It aims to deliver a short description of most recent judgments, although at the beginning I will allow myself to a double departure from this premise. I will first analyze (more comprehensively than it is done usually) three, a bit older, and unanimous acts of the enlarged composition of the bench which are of great significance not only for the protection of personal rights, but also for medical law, vindication of claims for various accidents, and even the family law.


This article is published in Polish