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2018, t. 1, nr 1-2, poz. 13
2018, Vol. 1, No 1-2, item. 13
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Adam Redzikschool

The women’s path to the barrister’s profession. A timeline

This article was written on occasion of the centenary of political rights of women in Poland. On 28 November 1918 Józef Piłsudski, First Marshall of Poland, signed a  decree on the electoral system to the Polish Parliament (Sejm Ustawodawczy), which conferred equal political rights to men and women. Soon after first women became Members of Parliament. Poland became one of the first  European countries which equated political rights of all citizens. In the second part of the article it is shown, in the form of a calendar with illustrations, how the women’s path to the legal profession has evolved since the second half of the 19th century (especially to the Bar) in the United States and especially in Poland.

: women suffrage in Poland, law studies of women, history of the access of women to the legal profession

This article is published in Polish