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2018, t. 1, nr 1-2, poz. 11
2018, Vol. 1, No 1-2, item. 11
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Adam Redzikschool

Lexicon of Polish Lawyers and Economists: Maurycy Allerhand – 2018 patron of “The Voice of Law”

This section presents figures of the most distinguished Polish lawyers and economists. The aim is to provide a possibly broad depiction of their scientific, organizational, didactic and social achievements. In 2018, the patron of “The Voice of Law” is the patron of the Allerhand Institute – Maurycy Allerhand (1868-1942), and for this reason he will be presented as first in the “Lexicon of Polish Lawyers and Economists”.

: Maurcy Allerhand (1868-1942), commercial law, civil procedural law, law codification, Holocaust

This article is published in Polish