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2018, t. 1, nr 1-2, poz. 9
2018, Vol. 1, No 1-2, item. 9
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Rafał Lemkinschool

Crimes leading to international insecurity as ‘delicta iuris gentium’

The section „Fontes” is dedicated to short legal research papers which were published many years ago, and today are not known. Preprint is preceded by introductory remarks about the paper and its author.

In the first volume we preprint an article by Rafał (Raphael) Lemkin from the times when he was a Polish prosecutor and a delegate of the Polish government to international congresses. In 1933 he formulated a proposal to the international community to regulate in international law the gravest crimes against the person which were called “ barbarity” and “vandalism”.  From these terms, in 1944 the word “genocyd” was created, and Lemkin’s proposals from 1933 eventuated after the trauma of Holocaust in the form of the UN Convention from 9 December 1948 on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime  of Genocide. The preprinted article was published as motions during the 5th International Conference on the Unification of Criminal Law in Madrid. It also appeared in the “Voice of Law” 1933, issue 10. At that time it was published in slightly modified versions in French (in Paris and in Madrid) and in German (in Vienna).

: International criminal law, Raphael Lemkin, barbarity, vandalism, genocide

This article is published in Polish