ISSN: 2657-800X
2018, t. 1, nr 1-2, poz. 3
2018, Vol. 1, No 1-2, item. 3
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Wojciech Rogowskischool

The resource of legal provisions and legislative infation in Poland

The article deals with problems such as measuring the scope of legal regulations, the optimal number of those, the excess of the laws, the over-regulation, and legislative inflation, which arouse public interest more than scholars. The subject of the research is the size of the body of law in Poland and some other countries. This analysis aims to determine the state of the legal provisions and dynamics of the growth of regulations in the Republic of Poland against the background of the situation in other countries. An attempt is also made to examine the views on the causes and effects of the proliferation of the number and volume of regulations.

Keywords: legislation, regulations, parliament, legislative process, satutes


This article is published in Polish